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Sometimes we feel so small…father__baby_hands.jpg

That’s because we are. Even though we know it’s true that the Lord knows the number of hairs on our head (the angel in charge of counting mine, fortunately for him, is getting less work these days), and that He knew us as He formed us in our mother’s womb, that doesn’t make us any bigger. It just means God likes us. We’re small. We think small, we see small, we act small. The truth is, in light of eternity, we don’t know very much, we haven’t seen very much, and we haven’t experienced very much. If we put that together with what must be our annoying habit of thinking we’re big, it’s no wonder the Lord reminds us in Isaiah 55:9, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

It’s good to come to terms with being small. For starters, it’s what we are, and it’s always good to have a clear sense of reality. Knowing that we’re small also keeps us humble, which is a good way to relate to our God, and to others.

Certainly the Lord is comfortable with big. The universe would be a good example. But it seems there’s something He likes about small. He likes us, right? He especially likes children, who are small and know it. He also created a lot of small things, like paramecia. We didn’t even know about them until God gave Leeuwenhoek the idea for the microscope.

Jesus started His Church small. Him and 12 others. In fact it didn’t seem too important to the Lord to have big crowds following Him. He actually did at one point, and so He preached a hard sermon and most of them left, because crowds don’t necessarily make the Kingdom big (see John 6:22-71). Then they were small again. Jesus made it clear that His Kingdom would get big, but it would need to start small, because small is not just something you tolerate while you are waiting to be big. Lots of big things happen when you’re small, and it’s important not to miss them. Here are some of the punch lines of Jesus’ teaching about small:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – Luke 16:10

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’” – Matt. 25:23

So small is important.

FireLight is a small Church. In some ways, it would be nice to be bigger. Crowds carry their own kind of energy. But then again, so do families. We’re a pretty small crowd, but we’re a pretty big family. It’s in my heart and my prayers that we would see an increase – that’s natural, because we want to see more people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and we want to see more people walking out their faith in meaningful fellowship. And I believe that’s what the Lord wants for us too, so big is coming. But what I hope is that we would not overlook small. God doesn’t. He has many important things for us to learn in these days, things that we can only learn when we come to terms with small.

So let’s embrace small. It’s what we are, and it’s where the Lord has us until He makes us bigger. Let’s cultivate what needs to be cultivated in these days of small things – humbleness, faithfulness and family. We’ll need these for big later on.

May the Lord bless you,

Rob (

FireLight wedding shower

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So FireLight had a wedding shower for Andre & Christine…AC_Poster.JPG

I love doing this stuff. I don’t know how many wedding showers we have organized or participated in for people in our fellowship, but I never get tired of it. For Andre & Christine’s shower, we got together and worshiped the Lord for a while, then we played a game that involved having two teams bidding on how much time it would take someone to draw or act out something that had to do with Andre or Christine. So people did a great job taking, like, 5 seconds to act out “giddy-up” or “French toast” or “bunting heads”.

Of course, I continued my time-worn tradition of writing a song for the happy couple. I picked an old French kids’ song called “Le Chat Angora” as the basis for the song. This one really stretched my song-writing abilities, because the rhyme scheme of the original song was deceptively difficult. I had to use both French and English to get the job done. So here’s the result, called “Le Gars de P.A.” AC_laughing.JPG

Il était une fois (et cetera, et cetera)

Un gars de PA (et cetera, et cetera)

Qui déménagea (et cetera, et cetera)

Au Manitoba (et cetera, et cetera)


Il cherchait une fille (et ceteri et ceteri)

Pour partager la vie (et ceteri et ceteri)

Mais notre pauvre petit (et ceteri et ceteri)

N’a trouvé aucune amie (et ceteri et ceteri)Rob_AC.JPG


Then this guy from PA (et ceteré et ceteré)

He began to pray (et ceteré et ceteré)

And met a girl one day (et ceteré et ceteré)

Who stole his heart away (et ceteré et ceteré)


C’était Christine Touchette (et ceterette, et ceterette)

Elle était très chouette (et ceterette, et ceterette)

Mais étaient-ils prêts (et ceterette, et ceterette)

Pour le mariage yet? (et ceterette, et ceterette)JT_polka.jpg


Oui, non, oui, non, oui (et ceteri et ceteri)

C’est ce qu’ils ont dit (et ceteri et ceteri)

And then finally (et ceteri et ceteri)

Ils se sont choisis (et ceteri et ceteri)


Now Christine and André (et ceteré et ceteré)

Ils sont fiancés (et ceteré et ceteré)

And their wedding day (et ceteré et ceteré)

C’est le 5 juillet! (et ceteré et ceteré)AC_food.JPG


One of the highlights of the evening was Joel & Danielle sharing what they learned in their almost one year of marriage. Their talk was extremely funny, and then extremely wise. I was impressed with their cleverness and their Godly advice for Andre & Christine.

Then there was an open mic time where people shared blessings for Andre & Christine, and we prayed for them. Of course, after that, we blessed them with another time-honoured tradition – our Ukrainian-style presentation of money for the couple. Tim and Jen did the best as they polkaed (wow, the spell check didn’t underline that last word!) forward with their money. The ever-present great food and great fellowship followed.

When I talked with Andre & Christine afterward, they expressed their appreciation for all the people who came out and blessed them. Then they told me that they were now even more motivated to bless others in the same way. I like that kind of talk. It reassures me that there’s hope for the Church. We’re a family, and things like Church wedding showers help us not to forget it.

May the Lord bless you,

Rob (

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We got away…

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We’re baaaaack!tangle_2.jpg

We got home yesterday afternoon at about 4:00 from the WECC Family Getaway. First sleep. Then laundry. Then sleep. Then reflection on what exactly happened over the last few days…

It was an interesting trip out on Friday afternoon. It took us 45 minutes to get from McPhillips & Notre Dame to McPhillips and Leila, then about 45 minutes to get to Camp Arnes! From that point there was a flurry of activity for Karen as she welcomed people as they arrived and directed them to their chalets and dorm rooms.

The Friday night meeting (in the wigwam) was impacting. First, Dennis and Carl (puppets with Cari and Matthew B attached to them) introduced themselves to the kids in uproarious fashion. Dennis and Carl demonstrated their knowledge of Salt & Light Ministries by identifying Ron MacLean as the host of Coaches’ Corner and pointing out that Barney Rubble was the head of Salt & Light International. Ron MacLean graciously didn’t refuse to speak after that introduction.  He spoke about how sin – which is birthed of, and breeds, selfishness, has ruined our ability to see beyond ourselves to God and others, and of how in Christ,kids_cards.jpg our sin is dealt with, and we are again given the ability to see beyond ourselves and live the life that the Lord intended for us. By the way, those sermons are in the sermon vault on this site – feel free to listen to them!

Friday night “sleeping” arrangements gave us the chance to actually practice living beyond ourselves, and in patient and loving fellowship with one another. The chalet folks got to experience the joy of having three families living in one house, and the dorm folks got to experience the wonder of living in a family frat house. So the 10:30 “quiet time” (because the kids are sleeping – not!) was ignored, 11 o’clock was “not so loud” time, 11:30 was “where do you get all that energy?” time, and midnight was “collapse from exhaustion” time – the parents, that is. But we managed to get enough sleep to actually wake up the next morning.

Saturday brought a great breakfast that was almost enough to cause us to forget our sleep deprivation, and thenShalysh_zipline.jpg we were regaled with another impacting message from Ron, then Mary about living beyond ourselves in the community of believers. Saturday afternoon brought some excellent cooperative games, then the ROPES COURSE! I didn’t go on it because it looked too dangerous to me. Then when I went out there to take pictures I arrived just in time to see little Shalysh shinny up a full-sized telephone pole and fly down on a zip line, laughing all the way. It didn’t do wonders for my own sense of derring do!

I’ve been saying all along that the hot pool was more my style, and I was really looking forward to some serious relaxing. Because Murphy’s Law acts on me perhaps more than most, when I got ready and ran to the pool in breathless anticipation, I wasn’t really surprised to be greeted by a sign on the pool door that said, “hot tub closed. Heater broken.” It’s OK. I think I had more fun in the regular pool anyway!

On Saturday night, Ron preached about prayer, and we experienced the Lord’s presence strongly as people responded to an invitation to seek the Lord for more. It was a very good time of ministry. Afterward, we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed some wonderful meat skewers courtesy of Guy and Teri. Fellowship was sweet around the fires and even reasonably quiet at bedtime – the mercy of God and the exhaustion of children.


Sunday morning brought the report of a miraculous sign that was wrought in our midst. Perhaps you have heard of the Lord causing gold teeth to be generated in the mouths of the needy during times of revival. Well,Stans_foot.jpg on Sunday morning one of our men awoke and, looking down, realized that sometime during the night, he had been given silver toenails! Upon further investigation, some witnesses claimed to have seen two heavenly messengers carrying a small light float into the brother’s dorm room, and hover around his feet for some time before melting into the night. In order to verify the miracle, I took a picture of one of the brother’s feet for your appraisal. You decide!

The Sunday message about God’s heart for the lost was an excellent finish for our “Beyond Ourselves” WECC Family Getaway. After a pizza lunch and the general cleanup, we bid each other a fond farewell and headed home. It was easy to see right away some of the great things the Lord accomplished on that weekend, and other things will be revealed in time. So, we look forward to the fruit of so rich a time together!

May the Lord bless you,

Rob (

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