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Whose foot is that?

June 3, 2010 1 comment

So we Marched for Life again recently. That is, a variety of Churches from a variety of denominations and cultural backgrounds rallied together and participated in the Manitoba League for Life’s March for Life, which started at the Forks and ended at the legislative grounds with speeches, songs and such. The March for Life is in support of the value and dignity of human life, right from the womb to the sunset years.

In a normal world, one would expect that any event in support of human life would be universally applauded. But sadly, this is not the case in our present social climate. As we marched down Broadway, some of the hands being shown to us by onlookers were not being clapped together in support, but were being resolved into one finger, accompanied by suggestions about where we should march to.

What’s up with that? Why would a peaceful gathering of families marching in support of human dignity be jeered and sworn at?

It’s because of a collision.

In our nation, we place great value on human rights, which is a good thing. But we have become so obsessed with rights – especially those that favour us – that common sense is rapidly becoming uncommon amongst extreme rights activists and their unfortunate sock puppets, certain politicians. So when the inevitable collision happens – that is, a collision between the rights of two people or two groups – there just isn’t enough common sense at hand to avert disaster.

What happens when rights collide in a society of rights worshipers? Sadly, it’s just like in junior high: the more popular rights win. This is what has happened with the abortion issue. Normally rights find their balance in the give-and-take of their co-existence alongside other offsetting rights, but because of the successful efforts of extreme feminists to popularly promote women’s rights over all others, anything appearing to get in the way of these rights is superstitiously and summarily crushed, even a baby’s right to be born after it has been conceived.

Of course, this one-sided view of rights doesn’t make sense, but sense is not in abundant supply among extreme rights activists. That’s how the Canadian government can be criticized for not including abortion funding in “maternal and child care” aid given to needy nations. That’s how a woman can proudly post her abortion procedure on YouTube. And that’s how, when shown a photograph like the one above and asked, “Whose foot is that?” an abortion activist can seriously answer, “That’s not a foot” or, “That foot belongs to the woman.”

We have a long way to go to help our nation come to its senses. I believe that ultimately common sense will prevail, and when it does, it will be a rude awakening for our country. Some mistakes have passing consequences, but the mistake of sacrificing the lives of unborn children on the altar of women’s rights has had huge repercussions, and when our nation faces this one, it will need to hear about a God who forgives.

So we march now, and pray for revelation for our country. And hopefully, when the penny drops and our nation comes to its senses, we will be there to minister mercy, not judgement.

May the Lord bless you,